Step 1. Reserve a room

Book an appointment online or give us call!

Step 2. Arrive on location

Please lock your vehicles and do not leave any valuables in your car. We have lockers available. We are not responsible for any theft or damage. You're welcome to park at the park and ride across the street.

Step 3. Rage Out

Check in, get your gear fitted, and rage out! Don’t forget you can always add more breakables! 😉


Rage Room Packages

Total Destruction - Car

Per person-Bring Your Own Breakables ~ $30

1-Lonely Rager Small Package ~ $35

1-Lonely Rager Medium Package ~ $45

1-Lonely Rager Large Package ~ $100

2-Double Trouble ~ $65

3-Three Of A Kind ~ $100

4-Four Is A Crowd ~ $140

5-Take Five ~ $165

6-Six Pack ~ $200

7-Six Plus One ~ $235

8-Crazy Eight ~ $270

9-Cloud Nine ~ $305

10-Rage Squad ~ $340

All car smashing packages are PER PERSON

Rampage ~ $50

Hope They Have Insurance ~ $95

Piecemakers ~ $125

*New cars can be rolled in for your session. Give us a call at least 14 days in advance of your appointment so we can give you a quote and work out details.*

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